Meet Artur Simril, the Synergist

[Year 1 | 2253–54]

Please, Facebook. Put people first. Like those of us writing for Silent Protagonist.

Let us celebrate the lost

The best Christmases are neon Christmases

[Monday, 13 December, 2258 | A Christmas Wish]

We found this image after a quick Google search, so you know we're legitimate

I's not only the koala crying...

Before complaining about the size of the controllers, remember that Donald Trump is thankful

"I loooove animals!"

In the spirit of fairness, sometimes Yoshi gets to ride Kirby too

W.A. Stanley

An unreliable narrator crafting narrative works. I tweet a lot @wasauthor and ramble a bit on When not doing that, I’m writing my debut novel.

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